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SEDD Presented Plaque of Appreciation

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on December 3, 2015

When our President Todd Barton was approached by Aaron Goranson, father of a boy scout from Troop 993 in Maricopa Arizona, a small community just north of our Casa Grande facilty asking if we could donate a 53’ box trailer that was slotted for auction later that month, he said “make it happen”. Todd as well as rest of the executive team at SEDD, believes our company should always act as a stewards of our community and of those communities that we work in. “We encourage our employees to promote values, good conduct and respect, in all aspects of our …

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Updated Pictures!!!!

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on November 23, 2015

We are happy to post some updated pictures of our Executive Management as well as some of our Directors. Please feel free to view them and stay tuned for additional updates coming soon.

Executive Management

Management Team

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Enbridge Pipeline in Missouri and Illinois

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on November 23, 2015

Check out a project that Southeast Directional Drilling is working on in Illinois.

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Our Core Values

Posted by Tessa Patterson on August 6, 2015

There are lots of remarkable aspects to Southeast Directional Drilling. Their drilling work is fascinating, the equipment is seriously heavy duty and the storage yard blows one away. However, equally impressive is the office “Wall of Fame” showcasing SEDD awards, news articles and corporate recognition plaques. Southeast Directional Drilling is one of the most interesting PLH Group of companies in the pipeline division.


(Southeast Directional Drilling Wall of Fame)

Aside from the awards, one of SEDD’s most valued portion of their Wall of Fame is the recently added Core Values plaque. “We love the articles and recognition plaques, but …

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Rig BR 120; Charlotte, North Carolina

Posted by Tessa Patterson on August 5, 2015



Pictured above is Patrick Davis with rig BR 120 after a long day on the drilling site in Charlotte, North Carolina. The crew has worked its way through sand and solid rock in Greenville, Greensboro, Charlotte and Leland under the supervision of Caylon Silvers. Silvers says that while the 12 to 14 hour days are long and the environment is 95 degrees with a wave of humidity, “it isn’t anything the guys can’t handle. They are all pretty tough.” With his only complaint being that there is a lack of good fishing spots in the area, Silvers and the …

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SEDD Spotlight: Jessica Smith

Posted by Tessa Patterson on July 9, 2015

Through the hustle and bustle of the hectic drilling site, many important factors are in play to insure a successful project. Some of these factors that initially come to mind are competent workers, excellent machinery, and an overall goal of a perfect job. However, in order for all these aspects to work seamlessly at a job site, the crucial foundation of safety must always be present. Here at SEDD, our people work specifically to promise a professional and ultimately safe final product.

When Jessica Smith isn’t hiking through Horton Creek in Payson with her partner Huxley the Australian cattle dog,

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Kenai, Alaska

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on March 26, 2015

Here is an article that mentioned our BR112 crew that is working out there in Kenai, Alaska. Great job to the crew out there!!

Thank you to the Peninsula Clarion.

The posted article below is from the Peninsula Clarion, written by Ben Boettger and pictures by Rashah McChesney.

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March 2015 Updates

Posted by Eddie Ramos on March 19, 2015

Apologies to everyone for not being able to update for a bit. New year and off to a busy start. However, we here at SEDD, wanted to take just a couple of minutes to provide a couple of quick updates.

As you may have seen on our FB page, there has been some recent position changes. If you didn’t happen to catch it there, here they are:

  • Josh Ugrich is now Vice President and will be overseeing our Estimating and Business Development for SEDD
  • Dan Smith is now Director of Project Management and will be overseeing Project Management for SEDD
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TT Article – Southeast Directional Drilling Puts the Bend in Hickory Bend Project

Posted by Eddie Ramos on November 17, 2014

Here is a new article that is posting on Trenchless Technology’s website. Check it out!!!

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SEDD Spotlight: Charley Patterson

Posted by Tessa Patterson on August 14, 2014

When one hears the words “directional drilling,” often an image of humongous rigs, loads of muddy dirt, and bunches of people wearing fluorescent yellow vests is conjured up. Personally, I usually think of large tools that look like they were used to construct some modern version of “Decepticons” from Transformers in the Marvel comics, but that’s just me. However, there is another side of the drilling industry that can often be forgotten in all of the hustle and bustle that happens on the work site. Before a drill is even sent to a job, accountants must work their financial magic …

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