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Steve Ugrich

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on June 12, 2014

Steve Ugrich, Southeast Directional Drilling’s current Executive Chairman began his work in the drilling industry in the mid-90s, working as an operator and ultimately the general superintendent at Ozzies. After several years at Ozzies, on July 22, 2002, Ugrich started SEDD and began his position as President of the company. As former President, Ugrich believes that SEDD operates as a family oriented company wherein everybody knows everybody, from the names of spouses, to the age of coworker’s children. Now being Executive Chairman, Ugrich upholds the idea of SEDD’s employees taking “pride in THEIR job working for THEIR company.” Since the company’s inception in 2002, Ugrich has enjoyed watching a company that started with two rigs grow to fifteen rigs, all while being promoted organically within the company.