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Sporting Clay Tournament Gathers Pipeliners for Fun, Networking and Safety Training

Posted by Giant Shapes on March 23, 2021

Southeast Directional Drilling had the pleasure of sponsoring The Pipeliners Association of Houston’s annual Spring Sporting Clay Tournament as a Silver Sponsor on March 12, 2021, in Katy, Texas. This tournament encompassed a sunny day of great fun, networking, and safety training. We give our thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, and others who make this association so valuable to the industry and community.

A team participating in the Houston Pipeliners’ Sporting Clay Tournament on March 12, 2021, is ready to shoot clays. Pictured from left to right: Sam Sebo (SEDD), Neal Hamil (JT Miller, Inc.), Todd Barton (SEDD), Dana Heieie

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Overcoming the Obstacles

Posted by Giant Shapes on July 13, 2020

Southeast Directional Drilling Prepared for All Soil Conditions

SEDD-article After years of preparation, work on the Northern Natural Gas (NNG) Cedar Station Upgrade in Dakota County, Minnesota (US), was completed in the autumn of 2019. Approximately eight miles (12.9 km) of 20 in. (50.8 cm) steel pipeline was installed around the Twin Cities suburb of Eagan. The new pipeline loops NNG’s Rosemount Junction to the Minneapolis No. 1 branch line, and is part of a 14 700 mile (23 657.4 km) pipeline connecting from Texas through Minnesota to upper Michigan.

The bulk of the work on the Cedar Station Upgrade project …

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SEDD Awarded Arthur T. Everham Award for Outstanding Safety Performance

Posted by Tessa Patterson on April 1, 2019

Southeast Directional Drilling (SEDD) was awarded the Arthur T. Everham Award for Outstanding Safety Performance at the Distribution Contractor’s Association (DCA) 56th annual convention in Nassau, Bahamas on March 6, 2019.

The DCA has been recognizing top-quality safety with this award since 1986 and is judges companies based on number of man hours worked within the judging period. SEDD was in the 200,000 to 599,000 hours division and this was their first time winning the award.

“This has been one of the best safety years we’ve had in the history of SEDD,” says Director of Safety and Transportation Dana …

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SEDD tees off for the New Year

Posted by Tessa Patterson on December 21, 2017

The SEDD team celebrated another successful year of business at the SEDD Safety Conference and Golf Tournament on December 1 at the Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler, Arizona.

Teams of two competed for best scores, longest drive and closest to the pin during the tournament. First place went to Josh Ugrich and Joe Vought, followed by Caylon Silver and Dale Sievers of Vermeer in second place, and Dana Heieie and Patrick Robinson of Right Turn Supply in third place. Dale Sievers also won the closest to the pin and longest drive competitions.

When SEDD employees weren’t teeing off, they …

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Boost your Safety Program with Stretch and Flex

Posted by Tessa Patterson on August 30, 2017

Southeast Directional Drilling employees begin each morning with a fun and effective ‘stretch and flex’ program to help combat work related musculoskeletal disorders.

Sometimes referred to as ergonomic or soft tissue injuries, the most common WMSD’s in construction are lower back, neck/shoulder and knee according to an American Society of Safety Engineers (page 26).  A sprain is classified as a stretch and/or tear of a ligament while a strain is an injury to either a muscle or a tendon. OSHA points out that “work related MSDs are among the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time”  and …

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SEDD Presented Plaque of Appreciation

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on December 3, 2015

When our President Todd Barton was approached by Aaron Goranson, father of a boy scout from Troop 993 in Maricopa Arizona, a small community just north of our Casa Grande facilty asking if we could donate a 53’ box trailer that was slotted for auction later that month, he said “make it happen”. Todd as well as rest of the executive team at SEDD, believes our company should always act as a stewards of our community and of those communities that we work in. “We encourage our employees to promote values, good conduct and respect, in all aspects of our …

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Updated Pictures!!!!

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on November 23, 2015

We are happy to post some updated pictures of our Executive Management as well as some of our Directors. Please feel free to view them and stay tuned for additional updates coming soon.

Executive Management

Management Team

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Enbridge Pipeline in Missouri and Illinois

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on November 23, 2015

Check out a project that Southeast Directional Drilling is working on in Illinois.

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Our Core Values

Posted by Tessa Patterson on August 6, 2015

There are lots of remarkable aspects to Southeast Directional Drilling. Their drilling work is fascinating, the equipment is seriously heavy duty and the storage yard blows one away. However, equally impressive is the office “Wall of Fame” showcasing SEDD awards, news articles and corporate recognition plaques. Southeast Directional Drilling is one of the most interesting PLH Group of companies in the pipeline division.


(Southeast Directional Drilling Wall of Fame)

Aside from the awards, one of SEDD’s most valued portion of their Wall of Fame is the recently added Core Values plaque. “We love the articles and recognition plaques, but …

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Rig BR 120; Charlotte, North Carolina

Posted by Tessa Patterson on August 5, 2015



Pictured above is Patrick Davis with rig BR 120 after a long day on the drilling site in Charlotte, North Carolina. The crew has worked its way through sand and solid rock in Greenville, Greensboro, Charlotte and Leland under the supervision of Caylon Silvers. Silvers says that while the 12 to 14 hour days are long and the environment is 95 degrees with a wave of humidity, “it isn’t anything the guys can’t handle. They are all pretty tough.” With his only complaint being that there is a lack of good fishing spots in the area, Silvers and the …

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