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Our Core Values

Posted by Tessa Patterson on August 6, 2015

There are lots of remarkable aspects to Southeast Directional Drilling. Their drilling work is fascinating, the equipment is seriously heavy duty and the storage yard blows one away. However, equally impressive is the office “Wall of Fame” showcasing SEDD awards, news articles and corporate recognition plaques. Southeast Directional Drilling is one of the most interesting PLH Group of companies in the pipeline division.


(Southeast Directional Drilling Wall of Fame)

Aside from the awards, one of SEDD’s most valued portion of their Wall of Fame is the recently added Core Values plaque. “We love the articles and recognition plaques, but the Core Values addition reminded everyone at Southeast Directional Drilling the values and pride we take in our safe working environment,” commented Todd Barton, President.


(PM Manager Heather Barton and Safety and Transportation Coordinator Jessica Smith showing the new Core Values plaque)

At Southeast Directional Drilling, we believe that safety is a way of life both on and off the job. If there is one message we would like our visitors to remember, it’s that SEDD is fully committed to protecting the Health and Safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, and the communities in which we work.”