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Southeast Directional Drilling Safety

Safety As A Value


One of the most important factors of business to Southeast Directional Drilling is the safety of our employees. We are working to uphold and ideally improve our already high level of health and safety. Southeast believes that every person has an integral role in providing a safe environment for their fellow employees. Southeast promises to be steadfast in their promise to provide a safe environment to their employees, because after all, to Southeast, safety is not just a rule, it is a value.

Our Commitment

At Southeast Directional Drilling, we believe that safety is a way of life both on and off the job. If there is one message we would like our visitors to remember, it’s that SEDD is fully committed to protecting the Health and Safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, and the communities in which we work. Every day, Field Safety Representatives and Supervision at a company level dedicate their time, effort and expertise to achieving a culture built on:

  • Trust – We respect and trust each other’s opinions and decisions and follow through on all Health and Safety concerns.
  • Care – We approach each day with the determination to care for ourselves, co-workers, contractors, visitors and the community.
  • Knowledge – We have the knowledge and skills to be Healthy and Safe.
  • Communication – We communicate in a clear, open and honest manner.

An exemplary Safety and Health record indicates superior management and superior work force. It promotes business and contributes to the continuing growth and success of the company. Careless accidents increase costs, contribute to deterioration in job performance, and reflect negatively on SEDD. Safety and Health must never be sacrificed. Our management and field supervision plan safety into each work task in order to avoid preventable occupational injuries or illness. Each supervisor must be personally concerned with the performance demonstrated by the employees relating to these elements under his or her control. The ultimate success of SEDD’s Safety & Health program depends on the full cooperation of each individual employee. We will strengthen our business by making safety, health, and all environmental issues an integral part of all business activities. We believe that all injuries and illnesses are preventable and we are committed to a goal of zero for all of them.

This Statement of Commitment applies to all areas of business

We Will:

  • Demonstrate personal leadership that is consistent with this vision
  • Provide the appropriate resources to fulfil this commitment
  • Ensure that any significant Health and Safety risks are escalated and considered at senior management level, as appropriate
  • Consult our employees on matters affecting their Health and Safety, encourage their involvement and personal commitment
  • Ensure that adequate information, instruction, training and supervision are provided to all who need it
  • Monitor performance and provide appropriate governance structures
  • Review SEDD Health & Safety framework, and this Statement of Commitment, at regular intervals

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