Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology

Exciting things are happening today in the world of pipelining. Trenchless technology has opened up doors to many new and interesting developments. Projects that were once thought too grand in scale to be reality are now being successfully completed. The greatest ambitions of pipeline professionals are now in the realm of reality and the industry has celebrated some truly remarkable milestones.

The trenchless pipeline recently completed in Trinidad is perhaps the single largest pipeline project ever. It brought natural gas to factory workers on the island and required some of the most innovative and impressive efforts on record. The Trinidad project required intense, round the clock effort and when it was finished, Southeast Directional Drilling went into the record books with this 56 inch diameter mega project.

Of course, trenchless technology has many uses and far reaching applications. It’s not only giant pipelines and directional river crossings that are performed by Southeast Directional Drilling. Smaller scale environmental services are some of the company’s other services. Horizontal soil samples, injection wells, and extraction wells all utilize trenchless technology to minimize environmental impact and to reduce cost. For any job large or small, Southeast Directional Drilling has the know-how and experience to get the job done quickly and within budget.

For a full listing of services Southeast Directional Drilling can perform for your company or for a bid on current or future projects, please contact our estimating team on our contact us page.

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Southeast Directional Drilling had the pleasure of sponsoring The Pipeliners Association of Houston’s annual Spring Sporting Clay Tournament as a Silver Sponsor on March 12, 2021, in Katy, Texas. This tournament encompassed a sunny day of great fun, networking, and safety training. We give our thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, and others who make this association so valuable to the industry and community.

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SEDD-article After years of preparation, work on the Northern Natural Gas (NNG) Cedar Station Upgrade in Dakota County, Minnesota (US), was completed in the autumn of 2019. Approximately eight miles (12.9 km) of 20 in. (50.8 cm) steel pipeline was installed around the Twin Cities suburb of Eagan. The new pipeline loops NNG’s Rosemount Junction to the Minneapolis No. 1 branch line, and is part of a 14 700 mile (23 657.4 km) pipeline connecting from Texas through Minnesota to upper Michigan.

The bulk of the work on the Cedar Station Upgrade project …

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