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SEDD Spotlight: Charley Patterson

Posted by Tessa Patterson on August 14, 2014

When one hears the words “directional drilling,” often an image of humongous rigs, loads of muddy dirt, and bunches of people wearing fluorescent yellow vests is conjured up. Personally, I usually think of large tools that look like they were used to construct some modern version of “Decepticons” from Transformers in the Marvel comics, but that’s just me. However, there is another side of the drilling industry that can often be forgotten in all of the hustle and bustle that happens on the work site. Before a drill is even sent to a job, accountants must work their financial magic to make it happen. And who is head of this financial department is none other than Chief Financial Officer Charley Patterson. While the drilling site is full of the ruckus sound of hammering drills, the silence of Patterson’s office is consistently disrupted by the pounding of computer keys and nonstop calls to other companies, which in itself, seems quite similar to that of a drilling site. (I should know all of this, after all, I share an office with him.)

Charley Patterson began his work at Southeast Directional Drilling in December of 2009 where he immediately started his position of CFO, bringing with him years of experience in accounting, manufacturing, and construction. With previous experience at Big Four Company KPMG, as well as Automobile and Motor cross performance companies, Patterson is often defined for his versatility and ability to seamlessly complete any job that he may encounter. Whether this be an accounting responsibility or one of Patterson’s true passions, such as hands on automobile work, these tasks are always completed in a manner that recipients could describe as precise. In or out of the office, work is sure to run as smooth as a finely tuned engine.

Everyone has a different way of defining the workplace to themselves. For some it’s “prison,” for others it’s their “second home.” Then sometimes for others, work is just some place where they spend eight hours of their day, going through the motions in a robotic manner. However, for Charley Patterson, work has become an outlet for him to make a difference for the country and the economy. While we all know that American dollars are being sent overseas for oil, thus stripping America of some of its independence, Patterson believes that  “Southeast is on the cutting edge of returning America to energy independence and helping to fuel America’s resurgence as a manufacturing powerhouse.” Patterson’s comment about SEDD largely reminded me of something that I often forget about the drilling industry. To some working in the drilling industry, it is just a job. However, in the large span of things, SEDD and its employees are making a legitimate change in the cash flow of American dollars, and further leading this country into a utopia of independence.

Patterson’s mindset on the work that occurs here at SEDD is one that I hope to see instilled into every person in this workplace, as well as those who decide to do business with us. As Patterson continues his time here at SEDD, the company looks forward to seeing how else SEDD will change and better itself from his financial expertise. After all, he is excellent at what he does, however… he is even better at being my dad.

Keep Drilling,
Southeast Directional Drilling
Tessa Patterson