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SEDD Spotlight: Jessica Smith

Posted by Tessa Patterson on July 9, 2015

Through the hustle and bustle of the hectic drilling site, many important factors are in play to insure a successful project. Some of these factors that initially come to mind are competent workers, excellent machinery, and an overall goal of a perfect job. However, in order for all these aspects to work seamlessly at a job site, the crucial foundation of safety must always be present. Here at SEDD, our people work specifically to promise a professional and ultimately safe final product.

When Jessica Smith isn’t hiking through Horton Creek in Payson with her partner Huxley the Australian cattle dog, she can be found tucked away in her office keeping SEDD drivers safe.

Smith started at SEDD in June of 2013 as the Safety and Transportation Coordinator. As Safety and Transportation Coordinator, Smith works to provide SEDD with capable drivers that are compliant with federal regulations and with reliable vehicles that are always up to a rigorous safety code.

Since working at SEDD, Smith has helped earn the department the PLH DOT Performance of the Year award for the past two years. Considering the immense pride and dedication that Smith puts into her work here at SEDD, she was sure to mention that a third award win is definitely in the future and that SEDD “is coming for you guys.” (“You guys” meaning Auger services.)

While speaking with Smith about what she enjoys about working at SEDD, I couldn’t help but notice a picture that she has hanging up on one of the walls of her office. In a small brown frame sits a picture of the character Leslie Knope from the NBC television show “Parks and Recreation” with an overlying text that reads “be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do.” For those of you that do not watch “Parks and Recreation,” Leslie Knope is a very spunky, enthusiastic and giving government employee that works to ensure that the people of her hometown Pawnee, Indiana, are happy with the local parks in their neighborhood. This picture made me chuckle because I am an avid fan of the show, but it also made me realize the vast amount of similarities between Smith and the fictional Leslie Knope. One of Smith’s favorite parts about working at SEDD is how the job allows her to help keep people safe. For a lot of people, their favorite part of a job is the paycheck that they receive, or their benefits. While I’m sure Smith does appreciate these things, ultimately, the ability to actually help people and improve their day to day work experience is what draws her to the safety department. This may be my own opinion, but I think that Smith represents the compassionate and considerate employee that is necessary to all safety departments.

With this idea of generosity and mindfulness, SEDD can continue to not only provide excellent drilling services, but more importantly, continue engraining safety into every aspect of business.

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Tessa Patterson