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SEDD Spotlight: Todd Barton

Posted by Tessa Patterson on June 25, 2014

When it comes to a company you potentially consider doing business with, it may be my personal opinion, but I like to know who exactly I am doing business with before I go and commit to anything. For SEDD’s blog readers, I wanted you to know just who all is in charge of what happens here at SEDD, starting with President Todd Barton. To begin with, Barton began his start in the drilling industry after his time in the US Navy, in which he served until 1997.  His initial drilling experience began at Cherrington Co., where he worked as a laborer, and specifically surveying for two years. Fast forwarding a few years brings us to Barton’s time at Ozzies. While there, Barton continued to work in surveying, but more importantly, a friendship was fabricated between him and current SEDD Executive Chairman Steve Ugrich. Once Ozzie’s closed their doors in 2002, and SEDD opened theirs, Barton, in his own words, “finally” took Ugrich up on his offer to work at SEDD as a staff surveyor. Barton surveyed for the course of five years until he was brought into the office to do estimating. After working his way through the ladder of administration, Barton was named President of the company in 2014. While interviewing Barton, I found it quite impressive, and maybe even inspiring the story I was told of his progression through the arraying jobs that come along with directional drilling. It is my personal theory that a diverse backstory full of twists and turns can be one of the key ingredients to effective leadership, and Barton has seemed to prove my theory correct.

SEDD employees have time and time again said that one of the most important things about this company is the overlaying idea of family that comes with working here. In speaking to Barton, I found that this was an aspect of SEDD that is very important to him as well. Barton has made it a daily effort to “maintain the family feel for the company.” Whether this be by just trying to stay updated with what all is going on in employee’s lives, or through consistent communication, the idea of family is one that SEDD carefully orientates itself on.

Lastly, many people have different things they enjoy about working in a certain type of environment. For some, it’s a comfortable office with a pleasant view, or health care benefits that include shiatsu massages, or maybe it is just the oh so holy paycheck they receive on a weekly basis. However, when asking  what it is that President Todd Barton enjoys most about working at Southeast Directional Drilling, he responded with “the work has gotten stressful. The parameters that we have to live within are changing, but still it’s the people who come to work every day.” Clearly work at Southeast Directional Drilling is clearly work worth doing.

Keep Drilling,
Southeast Directional Drilling
Tessa Patterson