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SEDD tees off for the New Year

Posted by Tessa Patterson on December 21, 2017

The SEDD team celebrated another successful year of business at the SEDD Safety Conference and Golf Tournament on December 1 at the Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler, Arizona.

Teams of two competed for best scores, longest drive and closest to the pin during the tournament. First place went to Josh Ugrich and Joe Vought, followed by Caylon Silver and Dale Sievers of Vermeer in second place, and Dana Heieie and Patrick Robinson of Right Turn Supply in third place. Dale Sievers also won the closest to the pin and longest drive competitions.

When SEDD employees weren’t teeing off, they were listening to the many speakers at the safety conference. SEDD Executive Team members including Chief Financial Officer Charley Patterson, Vice President of Estimating and Project Management Josh Ugrich, and General Superintendent Kyle Pellinen gave presentations recapping the 2017 business year.

The rest of the conference revolved around the theme of safety. Dana Heieie, Director of Safety and Transportation, led discussions and training sessions to prepare employees for the upcoming year and to enforce that 2018 is going to be a year dedicated to safety on job sites. Guest speakers Richard McElhaney and Lee Shelby spoke about the unique hazards that can exist on a job site and the lasting impacts that traumatic work related injuries have on employees and their families.

In 2004, McElhaney sustained a deep wound to his leg when he was sliced by a high-pressure power washer while working as safety manager on a large construction site. McElhaney emphasized in his presentation that if proper pre-work risk assessment had been conducted, this incident could have easily been avoided.

While working as a power lineman in 1991, Shelby’s arms came in contact with a live 12,000 volt overhead conductor. The intensive burns led to his arms being amputated below the elbow. Shelby stressed how important it is to follow all safety protocols no matter how time consuming or cumbersome they may seem.

Both of these speakers had a profound impact on listeners, and their stories further enforced to SEDD employees just how important safety is.

As the year comes to an end, the SEDD team is reflecting on the accomplishments of 2017 and planning to make next year safer and even more prosperous.

A high-point of the year was the completion of the Newark Bay drilling project for Public Service Enterprise Group in November. Partnered with prime contractor J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc., SEDD successfully installed a record breaking length of 6,600 feet of electrical conduit in 38 inch pipe under Newark Bay in Bayonne, New Jersey. The project marks the beginning of SEDD’s influence in the electric industry.

SEDD proved themselves again in October when they completed the Utopia project in Ohio for Kinder Morgan. The project included 20 crossings and was finished in a quick two months.

With another year of successful drills under their belts, SEDD is excited for the 2018 business year and wishes all of their crews, partners and customers a happy New Year.

To watch a video of the day, click here.