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Charley Patterson

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on June 12, 2014


Chief Financial Officer Charley Patterson, joined Southeast Directional Drilling in December of 2009.  Beginning at KPMG, over his career Patterson has gained extensive experience in financial accounting, manufacturing and construction that allows him to manage the monetary side of the business. Patterson believes that SEDD distinguishes itself from other HDD companies in its perseverance to complete every drill it starts and never walking away from a job until they are happy with their work. Patterson believes that SEDD has core values of “integrity and safety that directly influence every action we take in the field.  We are seriously committed to making sure all the people who work for us return to their families every night”. Patterson’s favorite aspect of working at SEDD is “Southeast is on the cutting edge of returning America to energy independence and helping to fuel America’s resurgence as a manufacturing powerhouse.  This means American dollars and jobs can stay at home will all of the positive things that entails.”