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Kyle Pellinen

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on June 12, 2014

Southeast Directional Drilling’s General Superintendent, Kyle Pellinen began working in the drilling trade in the fall of 1999 at Ozzies as a laborer. Pellinen’s experience consists of working as a driller, and the majority of his time working as an operator. Pellinen has found that some of the main defining factors of SEDD is the instilled work ethic as well as the pride that is engrained within both the company and its employees. With this pride, Pellinen believes comes a sense of high expectations as well as accomplishment. Where a sense of family can become lost in a company’s rise to success, Pellinen’s favorite part of SEDD is “how far we have come together as a company.” In these 12 years of SEDD business, Pellinen has always appreciated how “we’ve all grown and learned together.”