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Todd Barton

Posted by Web Admin SEDD on June 12, 2014

Southeast Directional Drilling’s President Todd Barton began working in the drilling industry in 1997 at Cherrington Co. as a laborer after his time in the US Navy. While at Cherrington, Barton operated equipment and surveyed for two years. Barton continued to do surveying at INROCK where he was introduced to Ozzies Directional Drilling and current SEDD Executive Chairman Steve Ugrich. Ugrich soon had Barton join Ozzies as a surveyor until 2002 due to Ozzies closing their doors and SEDD opening theirs. Barton ultimately decided to join Ugrich at Southeast Directional Drilling and worked as a staff surveyor until 2007 when he was brought into the office to do estimating. For the course of 5 years Barton worked his way up to his current position as President. As President, Barton tries “every day to maintain the family feel for the company,” and instill a sense of integrity and dedication.  Barton believes that one of best parts of working at SEDD is the people that surround him in the field and those in the office he sees every day.